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TraceableCoffee.org is a unique information system linking end-consumers directly with the producers of their coffee. This technology was developed by the small-scale coffee farmers who are represented within this website, with additional support from Agriterra and The Global Development Marketplace.


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If you enjoyed your coffee and would like to tip your farmer for a job well done, please do so. In order to efficiently transfer funds to family farmers, TraceableCoffee.org holds tips collected for each producer until the Tip Jar reaches $100, then we wire 100% of these funds to the farmers' cooperative in his or her name. We notify the farmer that the funds have been delivered and we email a receipt. TraceableCoffee.org does not keep any of the money paid in tips – our operating costs are covered separately by the Pachamama Coffee Cooperative, a farmer-owned distributor of premium quality coffee.

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For more information, please email us at info@pachamamacoffee.com.


What is TraceableCoffee.org?

 Traceable Coffee.org is a project of Pachamama, the first global cooperative of coffee farmers, consisting of more than 140,000 small-scale producers in Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and Ethiopia. Pachamama is the largest farmer-owned co-op based in the US and is the only coffee company to use sophisticated information technology that lets coffee farmers tell their own stories to consumers. This authentic connection with consumers is unprecedented in the coffee industry, enabling farmers to differentiate outside of the commodity crop model and earn a better wage. Pachamama is a distributor of Traceable Coffee, a web-based tool that lets consumers learn about and tip the individual farmer that grew their coffee, whether the farmer is in Ethiopia or Guatemala. TraceableCoffee.org was developed by the farmers on the site with additional support from Agriterra and The Global Development Marketplace.

Email Newsletter

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